Warning: The Euphoria Finale spoilers are in this story

This day was always coming.

AshtrayJavon WaltonAlthough he is the youngest of the two, despite his small stature, he has always protected Fezco.Angus Cloud). It is a frequent theme in Euphoria:Fezco is at odds with Cal, a meathead.Eric DaneAsh arrives with his gun/knife ready to fight the attackers.

Fez can usually stop Ash from going too far. In the finale of season 2, Ash did not wait for Fez’s approval. He simply shoved a knife in Custer’s (Tyler ChaseHe was able to eat his (sic) throat without anyone being able to stop him. 

As they prepare for the police to invade their apartment, Fez insists that he has to take the blame but, again, it’s too late. Fez is wounded and blinded by the SWAT-equipped police officers who enter their apartment.

The police are left with no option but to kill Ash as Fez—and Twitter—watched in anguish.