You’ve seen this veteran actor star in more films than all of your fingers and toes could count, and that’s including memorable films. He embarked on a journey to space (which eventually went awry), led soldiers into the mouth of Hell, took out his mental frustration on a soccer ball at times, and was held captive in an airport. He has also fulfilled “lighter” roles in the Toy Story movies. This actor’s so cool that a Simpsons character was illustrated after him (which he lended his voice to) and used in The Simpsons Movie. Tom Hanks (and wife Rita Wilson) has just listed the old-fashioned Pacific Palisades mansion on the market.

Tom Hanks and his wife managed to score this classicaly-built home in 1988, just when he started making it…..”big.” Sure, he appeared in some movies prior to that. However, “Big” is what realistically led him to more considerably-sized gigs and a launch to stardom. In fact, Mr. Hanks and Mrs. Wilson purchased a home in Malibu in 1991, which they continue to own to this day along with two other pieces of property. One of thse Hankilson sanctuaries includes a 2010 purchase for $1.45 million. Sounds like chump-change to Hanks, even dating back to a few years ago. Hanks has been receiving extremely steady work  for a over a decade. The current asking price for the 6,289 sq ft classical mansion is about $5.7 million.

The reasonably priced 1929-build casa de Hanks is considerably nestled by the coastline. Privacy is top priority when it comes to Tom Hanks. Upon arriving at the site, your eyes would stare in awe of the size of the house and the greenery attached to it. The attached plant life provides a nice little decorative touch to the house’s overall appeal. It emphasises on the age and maturity of the architecture. The two-story home is a 4 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom. If you thought that the exterior was eye-catching, then wait until you actually enter the house! Once you do, you’ll want to look up and gaze at the awe-inspiring tall ceilings. Each room is quite spacious, especially the kitchen. The kitchen includes a restaurant-style cooking area and a large island food prep table, which can alternatively be used for eating. Adjacent to the aforementioned table is enough space for a dining table that accommodates over 6 people. The home even boasts an attic with ample space for a loft conversion which could add many thousands to the total value of the home, according to loft conversion experts KPD Construction.

There’s also a library room on site. This room envelopes a fireplace and a good amount of seating arrangements. Perfect for filming commercials when night falls and the fireplace is hot! There’s another room that is equipped with a fireplace, the living room. You may find curtains paired with the windows which compliment them well. Living large in a fairly-priced home and being secluded are key when it comes to this oxymoronic beautiful monstrosity. Try your best to not get lost, whether you’re jogging around the mansion for exercise or playing hide-and-seek.

Home Address: 956 Corsica Dr, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272