Tyler CameronJust maybe, you could be dancing free with Kristin Cavallari‘s heart.

BacheloretteCelebHomes News stopped an alum Daily Pop on Feb. 25 after nabbing second place on The Real Dirty Dancing, and while his moves might not have been enough to win the Fox series, they did appear to wooGuests host Kristin.

Her fellow Daily Pop guest host Loni LoveTyler was keen to establish the pair, and he asked Tyler: “Who are you looking at now?” Kristin then turned to Tyler and asked, “Who do you have your sights set on now?” 

Based on what he’s looking for in a potential suitor, yes: “Someone that, one, is hungry and ambitious, but two, someone who’s very family oriented.”

Tyler said, “That’s huge for me.” “And three, someone just ready for an adventure.”

Kristin was the perfect fit. CelebHomes News ‘ Justin SylvesterSimply put, I’m taking up the pieces he has left!