This news almost seems too hot to handle.

Netflix’s hottest—literally—reality show, Hotter than you can handleThings are hot already. On January 12, streaming site Streamer shared the first trailer of season 3 and it is twice as intense. What is the new season title? The new season tagline: “Double your prize, Double the temptation… Can our wildest batch ever of singles be controlled?”

It is unclear. A new contestant NathanAsks: “So, what’re you guys expecting to see from this island?” co-star Izzy replies, “D–ck.”

It’s all fun and games until Lana—the Alexa-like device that watches over the singles—breaks out the rules: “No kissing, no heavy petting and no sex of any kind. Every time these rules are violated, money is deducted.

They thought it would be their most sexy vacation ever, but when they arrived they discovered they weren’t on. Too hot to handle

This is Lana. The ultimate c–ck block,” Patrick says. TbhHe isn’t wrong.

Lana’s achievements aren’t necessarily bad. The prize fund has been increased to $200,000, from the $100,000 she received in previous seasons. You can imagine what you might do with such a large sum of money. HarryThe clip says it all.