First teaser Be a friend of your familyFinally, it is.

Peacock has released an exclusive peek of their highly-anticipated true crime drama, based upon the 1970s kidnappings Jan BrobergThey were also featured in the highly popular documentary 2017 In Plain Sight Abducted.

Limited series star The White LotusJack LacyAs the evil Robert BerchtoldJan, abducted not only once by her family member, but also by a man named???? twice, after befriending her parents Mary Ann (played by Anna PaquinBob (portrayed By Colin Hanks).

“What good luck that you folks moved in two blocks up,” Bob says in the teaser before Robert’s wife Gail (played by Lio TiptonHe warns that he is susceptible to impulsive behavior.

Jan’s is the final chilling preview.Hendrix Yancey) shocking disappearance. “They were supposed to be back some time ago,” Bob says before the video cuts to Robert driving away with Jan in the passenger’s seat of his car.