Drama on Selling the OCThis is a hot topic.

Here’s an exclusive clip taken from the premiere season Sunsets for Sale spin-off, which drops Aug. 24 on Netflix, Newport Beach’s finest realtors argue about a new listing—with plenty more bubbling beneath the surface.

“The only thing I’m referring too is our back and forth over who’s going be the listing agent.” Kayla Cardona says to Alex Hall. “Everything else, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Hall tells Cardona that the way she went about things “put a really sour taste in my mouth.”

That’s when things start to get heated.

“I told you since the beginning, Alex, I’m coming to you because I’ve never had a listing and I need your help and you agreed!” Cardona contends. “So for you to sit here complaining about everything is unfair.”

With the rest of office sitting around darting their eyes back and forth like a tennis match, Hall stands up for herself.

“I’m not complaining about everything. I’m simply stating the facts,” sheAccording to Cardona. I know that there are other people within this office who can support me here. It all comes down to you. You made it very clear when you said, ‘It’s my decision, I’m listing agent. This is not something I want to discuss with you.