Chrissy said that the last year has been “a blurring of emotions” to put it mildly. At 20 weeks she lost her pregnancy. John shared their name and they were devastated. Jack. They spoke about Jack’s death and how they have continued to honor him. 

John said recently to BBC that “that was hard.” Desert Island Discs about sharing the pregnancy loss. I was reluctant to tell it. Chrissy had a great idea. She encouraged us to tell it. I believe they were very powerful and can be used by many people.

Chrissy and John learned they were pregnant again when they chose to wait before releasing the information publicly.

“Each appointment, I have said to myself: ‘Ok, if it is healthy today, I will announce.’ But then I let out a deep sigh to hear the heartbeat and realize I am too anxious to continue,” says the Want to satisfy your cravings? author stated in her Aug. 3 post. “I doubt I will ever leave an appointment feeling more excited than nervous, but everything so far is beautiful and perfect. I feel hopeful and awesome.”