Take a look at what’s in the kitchen. 

You can find it in one Bob SagetHis final roles were the The Full House alum puts on a chef’s hat to cook bacon with music artists Desiigner, SlushiiAnd DJ Whoo KidIn their video for “Bakin,” which was released Friday, February 18. 

Desiigner answers the question in the video Snoop Dogg over FaceTime, “You got a chef, man? It was my thought that I would need a professional chef. Are you a good chef? 

Snoop Dogg replies, “Get Bob on the job.” 

Bob, who passed away on Jan. 9 at the age of 65, is seen tossing bacon from a pair of tongs as he cooks the strips over a stove. He turns to the camera and says, “What’s Bakin?” The chorus starts before he can respond. Bob’s hilarious appearance in video was a funny end to his legendary career. 

The “Panda” artist reserved a little over a minute at the end of the video to honor Bob with behind the scenes footage. Bob says, “I am just looking into my tiny phone hole,” while FaceTimeing Desiigner prior to the video shoot.