You can find a lootThis trailer needs to be unpacked!

Winner of the Emmy Award Maya Rudolph stars as billionaire Molly Novak in Apple TV+’s upcoming series LootThe premiere of ‘, airs June 24,  

The trailer, which dropped June 3, starts off with Molly, who has a dream life, and her husband (Adam Scott() Celebrating her Birthday 

As they prepare to embark on a yacht, he wishes her a happy birthday. “What are you thinking about the new boat?”

Molly discovers that her husband is cheating on Molly with Hailey, a younger woman.

“Hailey? In our bedroom?” Molly asked, “Hailey in our bedroom?”

The divorce becomes the headline of every tabloid in the area, but things start looking up—then down—for Molly when she learns she that has a charity foundation.

She is told by one of her new colleagues that she looks like “the most famously cheated-on women on the planet”. This was her first day in office.