“It’s not okay, mom.”

Colby RyanOpen the trailer to the Netflix documentary series Sins of Our Mother, which CelebHomes News can exclusively reveal, with questions for his mother Lori Vallow.

She asks him over the telephone, “Are there any regrets for me?” “Or are you sorry about my siblings?”

Sins of Our MotherThe heartbreaking story of Lori, her husband and their love is told. Chad Daybell, who were both indicted for first-degree murder in June 2021 in the deaths of Lori’s children Tylee17, and JJ, 7.

Lori was later also indicted for one count of conspiring to murder the first degree in relation to her husband’s death. Charles Vallow and a separate first-degree murder charge for Daybell’s ex-wife Tammy DaybellThe two of them both passed away in 2019.

The twisted story of Lori and the destruction of her family is made even more inconceivable for the simple fact that nobody ever saw it coming. As Colby tells his mother in the trailer, “I would have never thought you would have ever done something like this.”