This video will take you just a few seconds to see. Jamie Campbell Bower

Why? It’s because the Stranger Things star just recited the lyrics to LizzoVecna speaks Vecna’s song “About Damn Time”. 

All of it happened on the episode of Aug. 2. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jamie stopped by to talk about his scene-stealing. Stranger Things villain, which required the Twilight alum to spend hours in the makeup chair and adopt a distinctive, menacing voice. Host Jimmy Fallon asked Jamie if he could do the voice on the late-night show while reading “things Vecna would never say,” the actor obliged and his narration of Lizzo’s recent chart-topping hit turned fans’ world upside down. 

Jamie said, “In a moment I’ma need sentimental men or women to pump me up,” and continued, each line in Vecna-like, frightening tone. I feel fussy. So, I’m walking in my Balenci sassies. Tryna find the amazing.

In addition, Vecna—er Jamie—said one of Kate WinsletLines from Titanic and a Julia Roberts quote from Notting Hill

Jamie’s amazing performance should not be surprising to his fans. After all, the 33-year-old has wowed audiences as Stranger EverythingThis is the most frightening villain ever.