Mirror, mirror on wall, who is the baddest of them all? 

It was only hours after the announcement Gal GadotDisney’s live-action film, The Evil Queen, will feature her as the Evil Queen Snow WhiteCelebHomes News spoke exclusively to a mother of three and confirmed the news. She also spoke glowingly about her new role.

“I am very, very excited to get in the shoes of the Evil Queen and to stand in front of the mirror and bring this character to life,” Gadot explained during CelebHomes News’ Daily PopEpisode on Thursday, November 4, while at the red-carpet premiere for Netflix action movie Red Notice 

And, Gadot’s Red Notice co-stars Dwayne “The rock” Johnson And Ryan Reynolds certainly don’t want to mess with the future Evil Queen—or Gadot IRL, for that matter. 

Johnson joked about which actor would win in a fight. “I’ll give a better one: Wonder Woman vs Black Adam, fights Deadpool. Who wins? Again, Black Adam would kick the s––t out of all them. I’m kidding.”