Drew BarrymoreShe did more than shout when she got a surprise visit from Penn Badgley on her talk show.
On February 24, 50 First Dates actress and Casey Wilson Completely terrified when they arrived. Please star popped in for a virtual video call on Drew Barrymore Show. 

Podcaster will be available during the podcast. Danielle Schneider told Drew that she had a “big” surprise for her. Drew replied, “Now, I was determined to surprise you with something huge, so I made the decision to do it. Please,” Danielle said. “And by Please, I mean Penn Badgley.” Drew, 47, was confused as he looked around at the crowd, and some began cheering. That’s when Penn appeared on the screen asking, “Is this where I say something?”

After viewing the former Gossip Girl actor’s face, Drew, Danielle and Casey began screaming and tossing their papers on the floor in disbelief. Drew and Casey’s excitement grew, Drew eventually joined the fray. Literally flipped over the desk and landed head first onto the studio floor.