ChipAnd Joanna Gaines truly You nailed itIn this casting tape 

The handy couple from Texas released a new video on Wednesday, January 5, 2010. Fixer-Upper casting video from 2012, in honor of the launch of their new network, Magnolia Network. The video features Chip, Joanna, and their baby face. They introduce themselves and the company.

Joanna, who is standing in front of Waco’s home, says, “This is the typical flip we do.” It is one of those homes, which sits in a very established and traditional neighborhood.

“Does your on-screen romance look like it’s coming out?” Joanna is asked by Chip in this clip.

Joanna continues the clip by showing Magnolia Homes as the “where it all began”. Joanna bought the building when Joanna was first married. She used it for a gift shop that sold unique items and home goods. 

Und das ist the best! HammerIs it possible to bring this home? The clip closes with Chip sitting on a toilet seat asking, “How could you not want to watch this show?”