Big Ed We are all crying a lot. 

The 90 Day Fiancé After splitting from a single mother, alum has re-emerged on the marketplace Liz In season 1 of the spin-off discovery+ 90 Days: Single Life. Here’s a peek at the episode tomorrow, which airs Friday, November 19, where Ed hopes to fall in love with his new partner. Mia on a swing-dance date. 

One problem: The only problem? Ed cannot stop crying about his ex. 

Ed apologizes for getting emotional, and Mia continues in confessional. “Swing dancing is amazing, but she now seems very cautious, and I did weep.” My heart is always on the line and it makes me feel uncomfortable.  

It’s been three months since Ed parted ways with Liz, 27; Mia, 42, thinks the dynamic was unhealthy for Ed.  

Mia speaks out about Ed and Liz’s “very, very worrying” relationship. Mia says that he preferred to be in a toxic and loving relationship with someone than to live alone.