The old TV show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” was not known for its attention to HVAC systems, but one thing is certain — celebs living in comfort want the best HVAC unit they can get in order to enjoy life in their home to the fullest. So what exactly do celebrities use to keep their homes cool in summer and warm in winter?

What Makes an HVAC System High-End?

For many celebrities, a high-end HVAC unit is one with high efficiency. More than 90 percent of new homes are equipped with a central HVAC unit, and celebrities’ homes are no different. A high-end HVAC system is frequently a custom-built hybrid that is two or more units.

Many systems also have Wi-Fi connectivity to allow homeowners to remotely control the system through an app. Another popular feature is a variable-capacity inverter compressor, which allows the homeowner to control humidity.

Zoning a large home such as a mansion is common. With this, the home is divided into zones, each with its own HVAC unit. An example is a 5,800 square foot country home in Elizabeth, Ill., which has seven radiant heat zones, two hydronic forced-air heat zones, and three forced-air cooling zones with a water-to-air unit.

What HVAC System is Right For Me?


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The right system depends on a number of factors, including the design of the home as well as its geographic location. In Florida, there is little need for a condensing furnace, but this is not true for Colorado. In addition, a high-end HVAC unit in Minnesota might have variable-speed indoor fans and modulating gas valves, which provide a comfortable amount of heat. A Florida home, however, might have outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps with variable-speed inverter compressors.

HVAC system efficiency is measured in a seasonal energy-efficiency rating, or SEER, units. The higher the SEER, the lower the energy costs.

How Do I Maintain a High-End HVAC System?

Celebrities with high-end HVAC systems shop around for the best bargain on what can be an expensive proposition. Their contractors tend to be certified by a trade organization. They also get a specific breakdown of what will cost how much and when. A high upfront cost can be discouraging, but when it saves money in the long run, it can pay for itself.

You can maintain a high-end HVAC system by getting the most out of your smart thermostat. Some ways to do this include programming the thermostat to lower the temperature while you’re away, taking advantage of the maintenance reminders, and using the add-ons to filter the air.

You may also want to consider an HVAC service contract, which combines regular inspections and routine maintenance with discounts on repairs and a labor warranty.