Jax Taylor may be the no. He may be the no.1 guy in his group. However, for now that group does not include him. Stassi SchroederAnd Beau Clark.

It Vanderpump RulesAlum and his spouse Brittany Cartwright, are currently on the outs with the couple after they did not attend Stassi and Beau’s Italy wedding last month. Stassi hinted at this on a recent episode of her The Bad, the Good and the Baby podcast—despite her refusal to name names—seemingly accusing Jax and Brittany of not only RSVP’ing to her wedding just to back out at the last minute, but also “talk[ing]Beau and she are “s–t”. 

Brittany then appeared on the June 13 episode of the Betches Mom podcast, explaining that there are “rifts” currently affecting their friend group and more or less confirming that she and Jax were the subject of Stassi’s rant. She said, “With Stassi and me, there are some things happening, which is what I hate.” She is my best friend. It’s a great thing that we can work together to make this happen.

Despite Stassi’s insistence that Brittany and Jax never planned to attend the wedding in the first place, Brittany said she “would never in a million years do something like that on purpose.”