Morgan StewartAnd Jordan McGrawIt will make you smile with happiness to see your loved ones in photos.

Jordan—the son of Dr. Phil McGrawAnd Robin McGraw—got engaged to the CelebHomes News Evening PopThey were invited to be their host for July 2020 and began building their family quickly.

Morgan was announced to be pregnant with her first baby a month after Jordan got engaged. Fast forward to December and Morgan, who was pregnant with Jordan, officially wed in an intimate ceremony.

They welcomed a daughter to their new family Row Renggli McGraw, 1, into the world in February 2021, and come September, Morgan announced that she was pregnant again, this time with a baby boy.

The three-month old son Grey Oliver McGrawOn February 18, 2022, one year and a half after his big brother’s birthday, he was born to. “Grey’s perfect!” Morgan stated this on an episode Daily Pop. He has made our family complete, and we’re beyond happy.