One chance meeting in 8th grade could lead to friendship and quality content.

This is certainly the case. Victoria GarrickAnd Corporate NatalieA pair of TikTokers, who have more than 1.5million followers each. They met in their teens and became friends. Whether you know Victoria through her TED Talk or have seen Natalie popping up on your “For You” page, these two are besties first—but they just so happen to have booming careers on social media as well.

From heart-to-hearts about anxiety to landing a backstage meeting with Taylor SwiftVictoria and Natalie are always there for each other through life’s challenges and ups. In honor of Galentine’s Day, the duo exclusively sat down with CelebHomes News to dish about their longstanding friendship, which all started when Victoria spotted Natalie sitting on the sidelines at a volleyball tournament with a side ponytail. 

The two were at the competition as student athletes and, as Victoria earnestly recalled, “I thought she looked so cool… She was super outgoing, super funny. We became close friends after our first year in high school.