In Beckham’s case, that’s keep up with her on-the-go lifestyle, which starts from the moment she wakes up primed to conquer the day. This is what Weekdays are. “I don’t have a tendency to do.” SoMuch at the weekend,” she said, noting that “because I work hard during the week. 

Happily, energy levels run high at her house, thanks to husband David Beckham, sons Romeo19. CruzThe 17-year old and the daughter Harper, 10.

According to the mother-of-four, “We’ll all get up at the same time, everyone, and we’re ready for it.” It’s all about motivating everyone. Harper every day hears, “You will have the best day of school today. I’m going to work hard. At the end the day you will be accomplished.” The same mindset is what I have.

Beckham’s daughter also shares the same positive outlook. “We’re both very, very positive people,” Beckham said. That’s what you need to be. London is a city that gives you that feeling of excitement from the moment you step on to the streets. [think] ‘Go, go, go, go!'”