She said, “I love Brandi.” Daily Pop. I mean she was tough but she’s such a cool kid. It’s clear that she is very cool, and I have fallen for her. She is an amazing girl.”

She has made new friends, but it is not easy to be herself. RHUGTVicki said she has had a lot of experience so it’s no surprise that Vicki doesn’t feel pressure to make a return. Dorinda MedleyBlue Stone Manor in.

Vicki spoke of Dorinda as hostess and said that she had to be aware it would cause chaos. There was also a crew of production people and many were eating throughout the evening. That was quite a bit. Berkshires—the town was cool. The quaintness was great, however there wasn’t much to do.

Vicki will tell you more RHUGTYou can read the entire interview here.

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