North WestShe is searching for the “Pause” button in her mother’s jam session.

Kim KardashianShe gave her Instagram followers an insight into what she does when she is behind the wheel. A fun video was shot while riding with North (9 years old) and North (10 months). Penelope Disick, 10. In an Instagram posting from Aug. 18, the founder of SKIMS jammed out while riding to Bruno Mars‘ “Versace on the Floor”—but North wasn’t a fan of her mom’s lip-syncing for long.

Penelope, 41 years old, was seen in North’s back seat at the beginning of the video. They were invited to sing it together.

After a couple of lyrics, it seemed North was tired of seeing her mother’s self-promotional videos. North, nine years old, was not afraid to express her opinions in typical style. “Mom! Mom! Mom!” North responded. North stated,

Both mother and daughter had a good time as Kim kept the video rolling, despite North’s requests.