8. Ashley and Lucas were just as sibling rivals offscreen than they were onscreen. At least, that was the case at first. “We weren’t close. Ashley shared her feelings with Lucas during a YouTube video they recorded together. “We were not close. Lucas said that they “didn’t start off on the right foot” with their first film, but became good friends over time. It was amazing!

9. Buzzfeed interviewed Lucas to reveal that he had pushed Ryan’s sexuality early in his career. After reading the script, I was compelled to say the following: [Kenny Ortega] was, ‘OK, Kenny, Ryan’s gay, right? Although I understand it’s Disney Channel, I don’t think I will be gay. And he’s like, ‘Well, think of it this way: You have the opportunity to play a character who’s young, he’s into theater, he’s an artist and let’s go at it from that point of view,'” Lucas explained. He spoke to me about his life, and said that he saw a lot in Ryan. Yes, in high school I had known I was gay, but I never told anyone. “It was all about making it real.”