With the world at a virtual standstill because
of the coronavirus pandemic, the possibility of a vacation might be the
farthest thing from the mind. Or, if the mind-numbing boredom of lock down is
giving you itchy feet, you might be more eager than ever to hit the open road.
If you fall into the latter category, there is a lot to consider before setting
out on a trip. Traveling during a pandemic is not something
to do without careful planning and assiduous calculations to minimize risk.
But, with a cautious attitude and a sound, safe strategy, you can still take a
family on a vacation during the pandemic.

The key to traveling safely in the coronavirus
era is minimizing your contact with other people and avoiding visits to crowded
places. The virus can spread from people or on surfaces like counters and
benches. You need to have this in mind while you plan your trip. There are also
some attractions that might not be open because of widespread closures. This
does not mean you have to cancel a trip; it just necessitates a bit of research
before you finalize your itinerary.

One of the key components of planning a
vacation is figuring out where to stay. This year isn’t the time for large
resorts or condominiums. A vacation home is the perfect way to still get out of
your routine, but still try to stay safe as possible

of a Vacation Home

The single best thing you can do to have a
safe vacation is stay in a vacation home.

A private house offers you all the protection
you would normally have at your home, and eliminates the potential for
contagion that you would find at a hotel or bed and breakfast. This is not the
time to be eating, drinking, and sleeping in close proximity with other people.
You can easily imagine just how quickly the virus could spread in a crowded
hotel. Every surface that is touched by many hands, from door handles in common
areas to reusable key cards, would be a likely spot for contagion. No matter
how much hotels take care to sterilize and clean their entire premises, there
is still a good chance that some spread of germs would be inevitable.

All of this can be avoided if you and your
family stay in a private home. If you do not own a vacation home already and
you have some money to spare, this would be a wonderful time to make the
investment and give your family the safe vacation they deserve. And while the
immediate investment might be virus-motivated, the home will continue to serve
as a family meeting point for decades to come, long after the current crises
has ended.

Renting a house is another great option.
Rental properties are likely to be available in greater numbers than ever
before. By picking out a house for a short term rental, you will keep contact with
other people to a minimum. Once you have the keys in your hand, you will be all
on your own, allowing you to keep your family safe and sound while practicing
social distancing.

How to
Find the Right Vacation Home

There are many factors to consider when
finding a vacation home. During the pandemic, you want
to ensure that you stay somewhere that allows you to distance yourself from
other people. However, if you decide to make a purchase instead of renting, you
also want to make sure that your investment is in an area that will be a good
investment. Will it attract renters in the future? Is it in a desirable
destination? Will you be able to visit enough to make it worth it? These are
all questions you need to ask when finding the right location.

Important Precautions to Take

There are many other steps you can take to
protect your family, once you have chosen a vacation home. Maybe your trips
normally revolve around highly-attended events, like concerts, sports games, or
shows. During the coronavirus crisis, you’re going to have to look for
alternate forms of entertainment. Most of these events are likely to be
cancelled anyway, but even if one is scheduled to go ahead as planned you
should not subject yourself and your family to being surrounded by large groups
of people. Social distancing needs to remain a priority.

Things are changing fast as politicians
respond to the latest trends with regards to this unpredictable virus. Parks
and beaches that are closed for now might be open in a week, while recently
reopened states could shut their doors once again if the situation takes a turn
for the worse. Keep following the latest developments as your departure date
nears so that you can base your plans on accurate, timely information.