This is what the reviewers have to say:

“It’s not possible to be serious when I tell you that I tried every type of false eyelash or glue available. Hoping. PRAYING!! It was a miracle that I found something to help me transition into the world of falsies. TikTok had raved so I ordered magnetic lashes. What could go wrong? Put on magnetic eyeliner. NOPE. FAIL! It’s obvious that I failed! They wouldn’t work. Then I waited until my mind was at ease and ready to fail. What?!?! It was possible! It was easy. Yes, I managed to get them on in less than 10 minutes. But I know they’re not going to stay put. They will make me look hot and sexy if I go out in them. NOPCelebHomes I fell asleep in these puppies. I woke up feeling like a hot mess. However, my lashes were fresh and voluminous.

They are simply stunning! Although I enjoy extensions, the price and maintenance are a problem. They took only 5 minutes to put on. The sealer can leave a white residue according to some reviews. However, this is not true. Apply the sealer sparingly. I recommend that you don’t apply it as mascara. Instead, focus on the eye area and work your way down. If you blink, or look down to pick up a lash, the bond will adhere to the lower lashes. You should only apply the bond to small areas.
Apply a very small amount of sealer to ensure that you don’t have any white residue.

“I’ve tried many lashes, but I never left them on for more than 4 hours. It drove me nuts. The lashes are perfect and easy to apply. They also feel very light and don’t make me uncomfortable. These don’t cause my eyes to water or itch. Apply the bond to your outer lash and connect two or three wisps. Then, bond your inner lashes. It took me a while to attach them before my inner glue began to dry. Only 4 of the five wisps were needed per eye. They look so natural that you won’t have to use mascara. These are my absolute favorite. These are amazing, unlike false eyelashes that I’ve ever seen! “The picture is proof!”

I am a fake lash moon. I was unable to get these darned things even though I tried and practiced so hard. The magnetic ones worked. No dice. No dice. Nope. Nope. Couldn’t. Do it. Then, I purchased these. These were on YouTube, so I decided to give falsies a last chance. This is what I am so glad that I did.

It’s very simple. With a small mascara, apply the “bond”, then tuck in the tiny wisps of false lash under your eyelashes. Finally, brush on the clear “seal”. That’s it. That worked.

Still in shock. Ok, the first time that I used them was difficult. It took me 2 attempts to remove the “bond” black from my fingers, but it was worth it. The “bond” stayed put.”