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Watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is such a luxurious escape, minus some of the drama, of course. It’s all about the women, with hairstyles, makeup and home décor. Glamour seems to be the new trend. Yes, they all have some professional help here and there with stylists and makeup artists, but sometimes, the Housewives are just like us on their quest for budget-friendly finds. In fact, Crystal Kung Minkoff told CelebHomes all about her surprisingly affordable fashions that she wears on the show.

The RHOBHStar revealed that her last confessional looked had been with a $38 top. That was a top that cost less than $200. The cost of my first look was less than $300. It was intentional for this season because it is all about glamour.

Crystal has a confessional interview top to help you channel Crystal’s glamorous looks on a tight budget.