We hope that the mastermind behind The Avengers team members (amongst various other well-known Marvel characters many of us love) has tight security guarding his new home in the Los Angeles area, just ’cause he’s Stan Lee. Also, Stan Lee managed to sell his previous home within a month’s time last year. Although he collected significantly less than originally desired. None of that matters though, because he’s Stan Lee and Stan Lee just bought an upgrade for $4.4 mill.

It’s a one-level home. But, it speaks in Hulking volumes. The 5,285 sq ft headquarters has 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, flooring made of hardwood/tile/marble, fireplaces, study/reading room, area for lounging, pool, pool house, ensuite balconies, full views from ensuite balconies……Those are only some of the luxuries that the great Stan Lee and wife will be enjoying, until Stan decides to web-sling his wife and himself to another Marvelous home!

Address: Unknown