Tyler seems to be on the right track in his quest for love. He’s been linked to model Paige LorenzeThey were spotted together in New York recently, and they have been pictured kissing.

He said, “I am still on my journey. CelebHomes News told him, “I’m still learning.” I’m currently seeing someone and dating somebody. It’s very new, exciting and a lot. It’s a learning process and requires a lot understanding. We’re going through this and it’s great. This has been great fun. This is where we’ll be going.

Tyler is not the only new thing in his life. Tyler is also a partner with Degree’s not done yet Marathon Team. This team gives runners who have failed to finish previous races an opportunity at finishing the San Francisco Marathon 26.2 miles. He serves as the team’s trainer.

Tyler shared his excitement about Tyler and the team with CelebHomes News. “I just kind of told them, ‘You know, don’t change nothing. Stick to the same things you have been doing all along, nutrition, running, and everything else that has led up to this moment. As if you already did all the work. You’re now ready to go. Be confident in your abilities, and don’t let anyone doubt you. Degree deodorant launched the Not Done Yet Team in order to encourage people to overcome self-doubt.