(Editor’s Note: If you have any questions about why your picks did not get nominated, please know the selections came from the Sept. 2021-Aug. 2022 television season.)

With so much great TV this last year, it’s hard to pick our favorites.

Our CelebHomes News readers teamed up with our in-house TV specialists to create a list highlighting the top shows and performers of this year. The TV Scoop Awards have returned to celebrate the best of TV’s last twelve months.

Once again, we’re honoring the best couples, reality stars, comedies and dramas by inviting you to vote for your favorites. We’ve decided to make it a little more interesting by including TV’s worst cancelations, most romantic kisses, and surprising celeb appearances.

Are you eager to cast your vote for the TV show that is most appealing? Here are some suggestions to help you vote for your favorite TV show.

Voting begins on Aug. 18th at 6 am PT and continues until August 25th at 5 pm PT. You can vote as many times as you want—so tell your friends, family and even your enemies to come and support your favorite shows, scene-stealers and fandoms.

The winners will be announced officially on August 29th at 9 AM PT.