6 Couples Who Married in Las Vegas: Ben & J. Lo Kravis and Other

Lee PaceYou are married 

The Pushing daisies actor, 43, confirmed that he and his longtime partner, Matthew FoleyAfter meeting through a mutual friend, he got married in years. 

“I spoke to my friend, NickLee said, “You’re a good friend of many people. Who do you recommend for me?” Lee spoke with NBC News on Aug. 17. GQ Hype. It has been a blessing in disguise. The best thing about marriage is that it’s like having an interminable sleepover with your strangest friend. This is our personal experience.

“If you have found one person with whom you are able to be strange around, then hold tight!”

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor also disclosed that he and Matthew are considering expanding their family. He said, “I would love to be a parent.” I think little children running about is the best thing.

Lee is open to dating men and women, although not much else is known.