Bradshaws love bees and birds. 

Enjoy an exclusive peek at Tomorrow’s Episode of Bradshaw Bunch CelebHomes airs Wednesday, November 10, 2010. Terry Bradshaw A companion for daughter Rachel Bradshaw to a fertility appointment about freezing her eggs. Rachel joked that she didn’t become a monster because her doctor told her how the hormones “follow the egg freezing cycle”. 

Rachel’s eggs can be collected after more than a week worth of injections. The procedure takes less that 10 minutes and is described by the doctor. Terry’s father has another idea. “We are in the breeding business,” Terry said. 

Terry stated, “Hey Rachel! There’s money here!” “We will sell the embryos. You can make a killing.” 

Rachel said, “You’re not in business transactions, but thanks.” 

Terry joked that it was “outlawed to sell eggs” and said, “At the very least, that proves I have a creative brain.”