Bravo cross-over couple is simply the most adorable thing. 

Considering how adorable Southern Charm‘s Craig ConoverAnd Summer House‘s Paige DeSorbo are together, we’d have to say no.

They met during filming Winter HouseThey are almost inseparable now. Paige will even make multiple appearances in the new season. Southern Charm

Craig was also spotted in the current version of Summer House, but he and Paige weren’t exclusively dating while filming last year, so fans watched as they got off to a rocky start when rumors began to swirl about a potential romance between him and Kristin Cavallari. Paige may not have been Craig’s girlfriend at the time, but she naturally had a few questions. Had he and Kristin hooked up? They were they? stillHooking up 

The drama ended quickly. Craig and Paige got married within just a few months. Craig spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News about their relationship in March.