Millie Bobby BrownProtests against Hollywood’s sexualization and abuse of young women. 

It Stranger ThingsStar spoke out about how it was difficult to navigate through Hollywood in her time as a child star, during an appearance that took place on April 4.Guilty Feminist podcast. 

Her words were clear: “I deal the same issues any 18-yearold deals with. Navigating being an adult, having friendships and relationships, all that stuff. It’s all that. And you have to try to be liked while trying to fit in. The difference between me and other 18-year-olds is the fact that my activities are being done in the open.

Brown—who landed the lead role of Eleven on Stranger Things when she was only 12—said that she’s noticed “a difference” in how people treat her since she turned 18 in February. 

Her words continued: “Definitely seeing a distinction between how people behave and the reaction that the press or social media has taken to me turning 18,”