There is no chance for a make up here. 

Here’s a sneak peak at the new CelebHomes tonight True Hollywood StoryWatch Nov. 8 for experts’ take on the “epic Beauty Battle” between ex-BFF Influencers Tati Westbrook And James CharlesIt was the result of competing brands that led to “dramageddon” in 2019. 

YouTube specialist in drama channels says, “Something you’ll see a lot of in the YouTube community are just back-stabbing.” Ashlye KyleThe preview explains. You can believe you are best friends. But then, you might be wrong. 

As Refinery29 senior beauty writer Aimee SIMEON Notes that “there’s a fine distinction between loyalty and wealth, and I believe these YouTubers move from being friends, followers, or Instagram friends to become competitors in the market space.” 

In 2019, Tati founded Halo Beauty. However, James apparently didn’t support her, which led to a Coachella disaster of crazy proportions.

“Sugar Bear Hair gave [James] the VIP tickets in exchange for posting an Instagram Story,” beauty influencer Hannah “Smokey Glow” États. “This competitor was Halo Beauty. He promoted Halo Beauty when they were supposed to be best friends.”