Here are the truths: Reese WitherspoonWhen she makes an error for her daughter, she is extremely grateful. Ava Phillippe

The 22-year-old daughter is the delight of many. Legally BlondeExfoliating alum Ryan PhillippeYou’d be able to see that it is no secret she has a beautiful face. Just what it saysAs her mom. Und wie The Morning ShowThe cover of the magazine was graced by star InStyleThe December Issue. Gayle King, she welcomes that particular case of mistaken identity.

Reese stated, “Well, it’s great to be mistaken for me because it makes you feel young.” I’m proud to be her!” What does Ava think about all this? She “really plays with it,” she said. “It’s difficult to be exactly like your mother, it’s sure.”

As Gayle jokingly pointed out, since Ava looks like—well, Reese—it could prove to be very easy, which led the actress to reveal that the two are actually in close contact with another star who could relate to the whole thing quite easily.