There are a handful of great NFL quarterbacks which we don’t hear from any more. Some, we see on TV commentating. Others were commentators in the past and fixed their attention on real estate, a potentially rewarding alternative. Dallas Cowboys legend, Troy Aikman, has been throwing stacks down the 1st yard line left to right at various houses. He actually bought a place in Dallas and another one that’s not too far away from that house. There’s no telling why Aikman bought two houses that are in the same vicinity of one another. But, if you were to ask him, then he’d say “Because I can.”

Troy’s actually thinking about bulldozing the entire place and starting anew because……you know………he can. Before he demolishes the former home of author Jane Wolfe, lets see what it’s packing. The house on Saint Johns Dr measures approximately 6,000 sq ft. and sits on 0.58 acres of lush greenery. It’s colonial-style in and out, with traditional white windows on both floors and an old-fashioned, yet modern look and feel of the interior layout. The 5 bedroom house includes fireplaces, pool, stainless steel refridgerator, double-stacked ovens, oven, and stainless steel restaurant-style cooking vent.

Address: 4300 Saint Johns Dr, Dallas TX 75205