In documents filed in response to Thompson’s suit in Texas, Nichols included a copy of what she said was a “text from Tristan” sent to her, which, “Wont [sic]Participate in any way you can. You might also think that this child will bring you some extra money. This is completely false. As you know, I will be retiring at the end of this season. It will provide support for anyone who is unemployed. Because it’s Texas, the cost will only be a few hundred dollars.

He said, “So, you might as well take this 75k offer cause you won’t get anything near that having a child with a dad who is unemployed. You will only have a child with a father that has no involvement in the child’s life and child support payments of a few hundred dollars per month.

In his Dec. 16 declaration for the Los Angeles case, Thompson stated, “[Nichols]Many Snapchat messages she claimed are authentic and were a part of real communication between the two of them have been attached to her papers. These messages are fabricated, however I disagree with her assertion. [Nichols].” However, he admitted that Snapchat was their only method of communication during their long-term relationship.

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua