The second female, LilyReached out to:, 30 The Hollywood ReporterAug. 2015: An alleged assault in New York.

Lily (25 years old at the time) met Noth in the now-discontinued No.8 club. She described being “star-struck” by his attention and feeling “flattered” that Noth was pursuing her. THR. After he asked her out and they had dinner at Il Cantinori, she said, he invited her to his apartment to sample whiskey. 

Lily stated that they were listening to music and he had all the books on art and fashion. He tried to get out of my arms. He tried to make out with me. I was cautiously open to it. He looks and acts older. I shouldn’t have spoken any more and he kept on trying. He pulled down his pants, and stood in front me.

Lily telling The Hollywood Reporter Noth thrust his penis into her mouth. She remarked that Noth had allegedly said, “Marriage is a fraud.” Monogamy does not exist.

After that, she stated, “He was having sexual relations with me while he was sitting in a recliner.” The mirror was in front of us. “I was almost crying during it.”