Travis Barker“Love is all about you” Kourtney Kardashian isn’t the only thing that gets his blood pumping!

The Blink-182A recent Twitter question asked drummer @UberFactsThe question was posed to the public: “What is the most non-sexual experience that anyone can have?”

He responded, “Playing drums.” 

When he’s not drumming, the 46-year-old musician is busy planning his nuptials to Kourtney, 42. A source previously CelebHomes News that both the Keep up with the Kardashians alum and the rockstar “want the wedding to happen this year.”

“Kourtney’s relaxed approach to details is refreshing. CelebHomes News was told by an insider that Kourtney isn’t a bridezilla. While Travis may be involved in some decisions, Kourtney is the one who makes them.

 A wedding isn’t the only event the couple is planning. They are also working on expanding their family in the near future. CelebHomes News was informed by a person close to Kourtney that they are “hoping” to have a baby next year.