Tracy MorganHe counts his blessings, especially those that are closest to his heart.
In June 2014, Morgan’s minibus was struck by a Walmart tractor-trailer on the New Jersey Turnpike. Now, the 30 RockAn alum is reflecting upon how grateful he feels for his family, especially his 8-year old daughter. Maven.
“She’s very near to me,” the actor said during the Nov. 2 episode. Today. “We are very close. That’s my baby.” Referring to Maven’s appearance on her dad’s TBS sitcom. The Last O.G.Morgan said, “She is my greatest costar ever.” Ever.

The 52-year old actor got emotional as he recalled his accident. “She was 10 months old when I got hit by the truck,” he explained about Maven. “People don’t just come out of comas—I had to fight. I knew I had got to be there for her. I wanted to be there for my daughter. I have always longed for a daughter. I have a female version, and I love seeing her grow under my eyes every day. I love her.”