Mother knows best 

JoJo Siwa And her mom-ager Jessalynn Siwa may have been a dynamic duo for the past 18 years, but JoJo teased that they didn’t always see eye-to-eye while filming new Peacock competition series, Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, premiering Thursday, Nov. 4. 

JoJo jokingly said, “Since the time I was born, we’ve worked together.” Daily Pop on Tuesday, Nov. 2. “Now, working together this way isn’t the same. What took me a second was that I always had the final word in my career because it was my life. She had the final say.

The joint mother-daughter reality show sets out to craft the next big kid pop group, XOMG Pop, that will be managed by Jessalynn.

“I wanted it to be exactly what she wanted,” JoJo noted of her role as a coach for the contestants. “I choreograph all the choreography and teach the kids how to dance, and I’m also the mentor of the children, so I wanted her numbers exactly as she wanted.” My mom was in the rehearsal area staring at me as I tried to choreograph. It was just too much.