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Do you have red and easily-irritated skin that is difficult to manage? If you’ve tried every beauty product to calm down your sensitive skin to no avail, you’re not alone. Tower 28 SOS Facial spray has been a staple in my life. The Tower 28 SOS Facial Spray is wonderful for decreasing redness, inflammation and soothing breakouts. The brand has so many great makeup and skincare products that are effective, multi-tasking, unique, and have the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance. It’s great to buy this brand all year, but it is especially good right now because of the major sale.

Tower 28 will give you 20% off your order if you enter code FF20 when checking out. Use the code FF28 to get a 28% discount on purchases of $60+

The SOS Facial spray is my favorite. SuperDew Highlighter Balm provides a natural, glowing glow. ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly gives me beautiful shine and a lot of hydration. The ShineOn milky lip jelly is another great buy. You can purchase the AAPI Bestseller Beauty Collection for $72 and get $185 in products. The set has products from Tower 28, Glow Recipe, Cocokind, Live Tinted, Fable & Mane, Mount Lai, Hero Cosmetics, and JINsoon. 

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