Oprah doesn’t recommend this smart oven. These are the rave reviews of Tovala customers.

Shared, Love Tovala! Delicious and satisfying meals. It’s convenient to cook at home for me, as I have a 40 hour week. This reduces my grocery and take-out costs. In twenty minutes, you can make a great steak and have homemade biscuits.

One explained that he was in love with his Tovala oven. This oven is just wonderful for me and my husband! It’s difficult to come home from work and cook healthy meals. Tovala helps me save time planning, preparing, and cleaning up after meals. You can cook with it in many other ways, and I can even use it to bake other foods. This oven is amazing! Read more: In Love!

Tovala meal-delivery customers have said that they are some of the best and most cost effective meals available. You have a lot of options and they require very little preparation. The time it takes to prepare the ingredients and then to turn the cooked vegetables into a sauce is hardly more than 5 minutes. It’s the best, and it is worth every penny.

I don’t usually write reviews. Tovala was a great lifesaver. The portions I prepare are ideal for cooking for just 1-2 persons. It is easy to prepare the food. It is delicious and fresh. It is amazing to have so many different options. “I recommend Tovala,” one customer said.

One shared that Tovala meals were delicious and easy to make. Tovala was the best choice for me because it allowed me to have a meal portion that I could share with one person. There are many menu choices and it has helped me lose weight. Tovala oven replaced my toaster and now I cook small portions of my recipes with it.

Another person said that it was simple and straight-forward. It’s great, both the App and all the other recipes.

They are excellent and easy to prepare. They are easy to make. This oven has been a huge lifesaver for me. “I travel often and the Tovala oven can be taken anywhere,” said a Tovala owner.