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Few things in life are more stressful than moving. You are not only uprooting your entire life, but the physical aspect of moving is exhausting and overwhelming. With some strategy and execution, you can ensure that your next move will go off without a hitch. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Create a Schedule

All moves, big and small, need a realistic and detailed plan. Identify how long it will take to pack each room of your home, and create a schedule that dedicates the appropriate time to each task. Start early, and ask for lots of help to make it easier on yourself.

2. Label all of Your Boxes

You will spend countless hours going through all of your boxes unless they are labeled. Labels can help you prioritize and organize your items, and it will help you prevent fragile items from being broken. The labels also become useful when you load and unload the moving truck. You can stack softer items like clothing, and separate delicate items, such as dishes pictures, in another location.

3. Make it Fun

Packing can be excruciating without some music in the background. A playlist with some of your favorite tunes can help you tackle the large project in front of you. Avoid packing or unloading alone because you’ll be less motivated to do it. Who knows. You might even be able to play a drinking game out of it!

4. Take Photos of Furniture that’s Disassembled

It will feel like you are assembling the world’s hardest puzzle without photos. Photos will help you remember what goes where, and be sure to label all of the parts. Your kitchen table will look strange with a missing leg. Don’t forget to take photos of how to set up your cable and other electronics.

5. Get Rid of Junk

As you start to pack up your home, you’ll realize that you have a lot of unnecessary stuff. There’s no reason to pack things into boxes that will just sit in your new garage. Consider donating your non-essentials to your local Salvation Army or other charity.

6. Consider Professional Movers

If the price is right, you can’t go wrong with getting professional help to move. You can easily underestimate the number of items in your house, and movers can help you move heavy objects safely. Your move will be a lot more effective and efficient.

7. Find Entertainment for Your Kids

You are in for a very stressful move if your kids become bored during a move. If your kids are going to be with you while you move, you’ll need a lot of activities to keep them entertained. Some ideas include a moving day activity kit, coloring books, a deck of cards, or their electronic tablets. You could even give some spare boxes to create a fort. Anything that can allow you to focus on packing and keep them entertained at the same time is a win!

8. Take Inventory

Making a spreadsheet of your items can be a hassle, but you’ll appreciate it if something goes missing. It will be impossible to recall all of your possessions, and you’ll stay a lot more organized with a detailed inventory. While most professional moving companies are reputable, an inventory can be an added level of security if something goes missing.

9. Arrange a Pet Sitter

Trying to move with pets will be frustrating, and you won’t get a lot done. Don’t forget to get their food and other essentials together before you pack them away. If you hire movers, ensure that you arrange for the safe delivery of your pets.

Whether you are moving across the country or down the street, you’ll need a plan that is simple and easy to execute. If you can stay organized and on task, your next move will not be as stressful as you think.