5 Advantages of Switching Your Pool to a Saltwater System

Saltwater pools are quickly becoming the new trend among many custom homeowners. They come as the best option to a traditional chlorine poll system. Even though they require no extra chlorine tablets, these systems still come with smaller amounts of chlorine generated through the filter system.

It has only about ten times lesser salt content than the ocean. As a result, some people consider this kind of pool friendly to their eyes, skin, and hair than a chlorinated pool system. Because of this, many people have opted to switch their current pool system to a saltwater pool like the singer Pink has. Thankfully, this article discusses five advantages you can get by taking such a great move.

1. Incredibly Gentler

Unlike traditional chlorine pools, saltwater pools are super gentler on your body and clothing. They boast deficient chlorine levels, which is 10 times less than the ocean and even counterparts. By switching your pool system to a saltwater generator, you can say goodbye to all the itchy skin, hair, and red eyes. Additionally, there will be no significant tear, bleach, and wear on your swimsuits like in a traditional chlorine pool. However, if you are sensitive to chlorine, you may probably feel a few irritations.

2. Low Maintenance Cost

Another benefit of adopting a saltwater pool system is that maintaining it very simple. Although it needs some chlorine, the amount is minimal. The salt cells in this type of pool will still produce the required amounts of chlorine. However, you need to regularly check the chlorine levels to ensure that everything works perfectly. Also, you’ll only clean your saltwater system once a year with only a few tasks involved. For instance, you’ll need to drain excess water, replace the filter system, and scrub it.

Generally, the upfront cost of saltwater pools is expensive because you need to purchase the saltwater generator. But, in the long run, you will find these pool systems very cost-effective. As a homeowner, you will fore-go buying essential pool chemicals more often, thus saving on cost.

3. Expect No Harsh Chlorine Smell

A saltwater pool doesn’t have a harsh chlorine smell as you would get from a traditional chlorine pool. The thing is, saltwater pools are naturally crafted instead of artificial ones. If you want to get the same bothersome chlorine smell, consider switching to a saltwater pool.

4. Provide Soft Water

Salt is one of the best water softeners you can use in your shower or pool system. And like rainwater, saltwater pools make the water feel silky and smooth, unlike the abrasive feel a chlorinated pool gives. Therefore, it makes your skin feel relatively dried out and comfortable.

5. Therapeutic Benefits

Do you or your loved one have asthma or allergies? If yes, it would be pretty beneficial to switch to a saltwater pool. This primarily applies to indoor pools. After entering an indoor pool, your nose first meets the contained strong chloramine smell, a mixture of ammonia and chlorine. As for an outdoor pool, such a smell rapidly evaporates into the air. You will find the smell concentrated around the pool surfaces where swimmers take their breaths in most cases. Therefore, someone with difficulty breathing may find it irritating to swim in a traditional chlorinated pool than a saltwater pool.

According to research conducted in 2003, little children who often swim in an indoor chlorinated pool are at a greater risk of getting lung inflammation and develop asthma. It simply helps enhance a healthy breathing system and lower allergy problems. What’s more, this type of pool can help you with the following:

•    Reduce stress and anxiety

•    Help maintain your body’s natural moisture balance

•    Relieve sore joints and muscles

Final Words

With the above-explained benefits, there is no doubt in switching your current pool to a saltwater pool. It is exciting and a significant trend you can set up in your home for total relaxation.