A sofa set is the focal point of any living space. The glamorous sofa set is what guests notice when they enter your home. This human psychology is why you need to choose the best sofa set for your living space. It should be bright and stand out so that your guests will notice it. Each living room is unique and has its own design. It is therefore important that you select the right one for your space. Are you ready to redesign your living room? Visit Home Detail for retro sofas and remodel your living room today!

Sofa sets can come in many types so it can be confusing to choose the right one.

Leather Sofa

These sofas are a modern take on the Chesterfield Sofa of the 18th century. They feature leather upholstery with a tufted back and wide arms. Leather sofas reflect sophistication and rich taste. Leather sofas instantly reflect your exquisite taste and enhance the overall design of the living room. The leather upholstery is durable, making them a great choice for families with many family members.

Bridgewater Sofa

Bridgewater sofas are the best choice when in doubt. The classic Bridgewater sofa is a great choice with its low-set tufted arms and rolled backrest. It also features a tailored skirt. You can also get padded cushions to provide support and comfort for binging late at night. This sofa is great for casual conversations with your partner or just relaxing together. If you are feeling bold, you can add interesting patterns like floral and stripes to the sofa.

Camelback Sofa

Thomas Chippendale (18th-century designer) originally designed the camelback couch. To this day, it still retains its vintage feel. Its name refers to its back being humped like that of a camel. The elegant design features long legs, solid upholstery, and stylish legs, adding majestic air to the space. It is well-suited for a sitting area that’s more about conversation than relaxation.

French Cabriole sofa

The curvy shape of the French Cabriole Sofa is a direct inspiration from Louis XV’s 18th-century style. The upper section protrudes upwards in the form a curve and gives it the shape of an S. It doesn’t have any pillows or lines. The sofa’s wood trims and curvy legs make for a romantic, sultry atmosphere. This sofa is elegantly chic with its tight, neutral-hued upholstery.

Sofa from the mid-century

The design of mid-century furniture was very popular at the time and continues to be a dominant feature in modern sofa designs. These sofas have a minimal design that is clean and elegant, making them a great choice for any living space. These sofas are low-profile and feature details such as tapered legs, tufted armrests, and piped edges. These sofas should be paired with armchairs or tables of the same size.