Shaun Alexander may no longer be a Seahawk. But, once a Seahawk, always a Seahawk. Seattle Seahawk’s 2005 MVP and former RB still roams freely. Him and his abundant family fled to the Northeast region, far away from Shaun’s new NFL team home, Washington. It’s reported that it’s best suited for him and the family of 8. It’s also reported that him and the wife want more kids! Hopefully, his contract with the Redskins can keep up with all of that. If someone were to buy Alexander’s 5.61 acres of land for an interesting price of $2,989,900 million, then that may help him significantly.

Shaun had many plans for this massive plot of Issaquah land on SE Cougar Mountain Dr. Now, those plans can be yours. The property is surrounded by a succulent variety of plant and tree life. Furthermore, there are beautiful accessible views of Lake Sammamish. Sit atop land like a king in King County, Washington!

Address: 17621 SE Cougar Mountain Dr, Issaquah WA 98027