Tommy LeeWe are happy to provide more information about the full-frontal photograph.

The Earlier in the month, Mötley Crüe drummer gave the Internet an eye full after he posted a NSFW nude photo on social media with the caption, “Oooooopppsss.”

Tommy now explains the circumstances that led to OMG’s photo, even though the post was deleted quickly. 

“We had a couple of weeks break, so I took a momf–king trip, bro.” he told the crowdOn Aug. 22, I was at a San Antonio concert. I was f-king sideways and f-k, and then got naked. Then, I posted photos of my d’-k.

However, after explaining his reasoning for the outrageous social media moves, he challenged the concertgoers. ​

“Usually, I mean, I’m a tall man so I love to see titties. However, tonight is equal-opportunity day,” he said. He said, “Tonight, I want to see everybody’s d—k. Come on boys! Get your junk. Let’s go.”