“In this darkest of times, it is extremely difficult to feel anything other than sadness, let alone gratitude, but we have found glimpses of feeling that union of love that has come from far & wide for our Dani,” he concluded. She was the greatest of all the best and this is testament to that. “Thank you.” 

Tom wrote on Instagram June 20 that he felt “completely broken” since Dani died at the tender age of 34. He didn’t share additional details and did not make public the reason for her death. 

At the time, he said that “I feel as if I’ve cried an entire ocean.” Danielle, we never reached the alter, did not get our vows made, or were able to dance the first dance. However, I’m sure you understand that you are my world and best friend. 

Dani’s family and friends later paid tribute to her father, a PR executive. Martin Hampson described as “the beating heart of our family.”  

We are devastated, and we feel so deeply broken. He wrote that while people say that the pain will heal over time, he said it was still devastating. We will always love and cherish you, Danielle.