Could Shereé WhitfieldBe ready to face OtherFailure of fashion

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s just-released mid-season trailer teases more drama is in store for the Bravo’s star’s long awaited She By Shereé collection.

Attempting to redeem her infamous season one debacle—you know, a fashion show that had zero clothes—the new season 14 preview promises Shereé’s second go will NotYou can go without any problems.

“He does not have the number of pieces he said he was gonna have,” a woman tells Shereé over the phone as clothes are being loaded into the event.

Naturally, Shereé is upset. “Are you f–king kidding me?!” She replies. She replies, “This can’t be another of those f—king times.”

Shereé adds, “I got so much riding on this” as her RHOAIn anticipation, co-stars make some funny remarks.

You can take Drew Sidora’sTake, for instance. “She By She better have something to show for it,” Drew quips before Kandi BurrussJokes: “She By, She should really do it this year.”

Kenya MooreAdds that “All of Atlanta has been waiting for this show…She By, she better not disappoint.”